Biologically appropriate raw food is the best food that you can feed to your dog.

Just Raw Pet Food meals are a well-balanced diet that provides all the essential nutrients that your dog needs and is a more natural option than commercially processed dog food. Just Raw only uses human graded proteins and sourced locally within Ontario. Your pet's health is our #1 priority.

Did you know that a raw food diet for dogs can contribute to: less body odour, enhanced joint, bone, and dental health, improved skin condition and a shiny, softer coat, a strong immune system and a happy, healthy dog!
As one of the most trusted raw dog food suppliers, Just Raw is proud to provide raw dog food delivery throughout Toronto, the GTA and some select locations across Ontario, as well as curbside pick-up at our retail location. Discover the difference in your pet by feeding them the leading raw dog food in Ontario. Explore our menu options and schedule your Just Raw Pet Food delivery today!

The Benefits
of “Just Raw” Diet

Less Stool

"Just Raw" Pet Foods do not contain any fillers or grains. Your dog will absorb its nutrients from natural food sources which results in smaller and firmer stools. 

Less Water Intake & Drooling

Dogs that are on the "Just Raw" diet will require less water consumption when compared to commercially processed food. Less water means less drooling.

Shinier Coats & Healthier Skin

Natural oil in our meat gives your pet a soft and silky coat, more shine to the fur and a lot less shedding. Reduce the potential of skin allergies for your pet.

They LOVE it!

Our dogs flourished on a raw diet and I am very pleased with the quality Just Raw Pet Foods provide.  You can see the freshness in each batch.   The Lake Smelt treat is also a favourite! 


Our fluffball is a big part of our family and we’re determined to give her the best food possible.  After researching what goes in to most commercial dog foods, going to a raw diet was an easy choice. We couldn’t do home-made, but we wanted something as close to that as possible. When we saw how much the Just Raw team loves their dogs, we knew we’d be getting a great dog food! Since we’ve started feeding our dog the Just Raw foods and treats, we’ve noticed our dog has smaller poops, doesn’t need to drink as much water and has a shinier and softer coat. Most importantly our dog loves all the different choices of proteins and especially loves the Just Raw lake smelts!


Just Raw Pet Food is just fantastic!  I truly appreciate their back to basics approach to pet food.  The use of simple, natural, and wholesome raw ingredients is paramount to my German Shepherd and Golden Retriever's well being.  I prefer their ingredients list read like a recipe fit for the dinner plate, and not a long complicated chemistry experiment.  My dogs have shiny coats, strong lean muscle tone and always a clean vet's bill of health.  They love Just Raw and the wonderful selection of different meats.  Their bowls are empty and licked clean within seconds at every meal!  Just Raw definitely cares about pets and puts their quality ingredients first.   "Let food be thy medicine."
Satisfied client.  Thank you Just Raw.Sam from Markham Ontario.


The owners at Just Raw are great and care deeply about their product. This is evident in their quality and offering. As dog owners themselves, they understand the day to day lives of their customers. 5 stars.


We Deliver Within
the Greater Toronto Area