Raw Dog Food – Barrie

Raw dog food for your pet is the best food you can feed your dog. Remarkably affordable, serving your dog a more natural diet offers a variety of benefits that both you and your dog will love.

Just Raw Pet Food meals are a well-balanced diet that provides all the essential nutrients your dog needs and is a more natural option than commercially processed dog food. Just Raw only uses human-grade proteins from federally and provincially inspected suppliers across Ontario and sourced from local farmers, many of which are near Barrie, ON. Your pet’s health is our #1 priority.

When switching over to a more natural dog food, the first thing you’ll discover is an increase in your dog’s energy and vitality. Trips to the Barrie Molson Centre Dog-Off Leash Recreation Area near the Sadlon Arena or Sunnidale Park Dog Off-Leash Recreation Area near Bayfield Mall will be more fun, as your dog makes good use of their newfound energy.

Discover the difference in your pet by feeding them the leading raw dog food in Barrie, ON.


Dog Food – It Gets Better Than Kibble!

Here at Just Raw Pet Food, we have the high-quality raw dog food you want for your dog. To ensure your dog is getting the best nutrition possible, all of our food is grain-free, and we use no added fillers, additives or preservatives. At Just Raw, we use the whole poultry and cuts of meat in all of our recipes. No mechanically separated meat, rendered fat, animal by-products or table scraps here! From meals and combos to doggie treats and raw meaty bones, we’ve got the dog food your dog craves. For those new to raw dog food, check out our resources and FAQs, including information about transitioning to a raw diet and feeding instructions

The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

Food that is uncooked and unheated retains all of its natural enzymes and maximizes its nutrients. Biologically appropriate, a raw food diet for dogs is high in protein and moisture and low in carbohydrates. Our raw dog food available right here in the Barrie area has no preservatives, chemicals, dyes or added sugars.

Here’s How a Raw Dog Food Diet Supports Optimal Health:

  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Fewer Vet Visits
  • Healthy Teeth & Gums Resulting in Reduced Dental Disease
  • Improved Digestion (and Smaller Stools!)
  • Shinier Coats and Healthier Skin
  • Less Body Odour
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Improved Joint & Bone Health
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Healthy, Happy Dogs!


Dog Food Delivery Too!

Are you looking for a raw dog food supplier in Barrie, ON? How about delivery to your doorstep? We know you’re busy. We provide free delivery for orders over $100 (before tax). Otherwise, a flat rate of $10 will be charged for delivery.  We do not use 3rd party delivery providers. Instead, our delivery team will personally deliver the products straight to your door.  We deliver to homes in Barrie every Friday afternoon, making ordering smooth and predictable. Our delivery trucks are temperature-controlled to ensure the products are delivered frozen to your doorsteps, ensuring excellent quality and flavour.

Explore our menu options and schedule your Just Raw Pet Food delivery today!