We both share a passion and love for our dogs Yoshi and Lola! Yoshi is a loyal and cautious sheltie and Lola is a curious and rambunctious Siberian Husky. Yoshi is also a very picky eater and this is what started “Just Raw Pet Food”.

Yoshi started off eating brand name, grain free kibble, but he would never finish his portion of food so we switched him to dehydrated food, where he would pick out all the vegetables. So 4 years ago we decided to switch him to a raw diet. The results were instantaneous and he has been finishing all his meals since. Lola has been eating Just Raw since she was a puppy. When we first picked her up, the breeder recommended feeding her puppy kibble but she had runny stools. We decided to switch her to a raw diet and her next bowel movement was healthy and normal!

We love our dogs so much that we would only put the freshest ingredients into their foods. And now we would like to share our passion for our dogs with you.