Transitioning to Raw Diet

How to transition from kibble to Just Raw?

To transition your dog from kibble to a complete raw diet is easier than you think. Before kibble was invented about seventy years ago, dogs have been living successfully on a prey diet for thousands of years. This prey diet is basically a biologically appropriate raw food that contains approximately 75% of meats, 10% of bones, 10% of organs and 5% of vegetables. A healthy dog should be eating a well balanced raw diet that contains all the nutrients from fresh, whole and natural ingredients. A dog’s digestive system is not built naturally to digest corn, grains, additives and preservatives which are often found as main ingredients from kibble. Can you imagine yourself eating processed food or canned food all the time? Your dogs will thrive and improve the quality of life after a simple switch to Just Raw.

Here is how you make the switch.

The most effective method is to immediately switch from kibble to a complete raw diet. Fast your dog for a period of 12 to 24 hours and start with a Just Raw poultry dinner as it is easier for your dog to digest. Make sure the raw diet is completely thawed as your dog might vomit if the food is too cold.

Most dogs will have no issues switching from kibble to Just Raw diet. However, some dogs will experience a digestive upset when first introduced to raw resulting in loose stools, gas and vomit. This is very common and the situation should improve within a couple of days. You can also add some pumpkin into the raw diet to firm up the stool. It is not recommended to feed kibble and raw diet together. Dogs will digest kibble at a different rate than a raw diet which can cause stomach problems.