Most pet parents can be hesitant at first when transitioning their dog to a raw diet. However, rest be assured, there are many health benefits to feeding your furry friend a raw dog food diet.   

Before kibble was invented and introduced to the pet food market about seventy years ago, dogs lived successfully off a prey diet that contained approximately 80% meat, 10% bones, and 10% organs.  

At Just Raw, each batch of dog food provides all the essential nutrients that your dog requires for a healthy, happy and long life. 

Some of the benefits of a raw diet include:

Promotes shinier coats and healthier skin


Because of the high meat content in all of our batches, your dog will benefit from experiencing shinier and healthier skin due to the natural oils found in the protein.


The proof is in the poop. At Just Raw, we never use any fillers, grains or preservatives in our products. This allows your dog to absorb all the nutrients they need from whole food sources, resulting in firmer, smaller stools.

Improved digestive system


At Just Raw, we use only human-grade quality proteins locally sourced right here in Ontario. With a diversity of whole ingredients in every batch, your dog will be exposed to various healthy bacteria allowing them to diversify their immune system for a long and healthy life.


A raw dog food diet, means requiring less water compared to commercially processed pet food. At Just Raw, our food naturally contains higher moisture content allowing your dog to be adequately hydrated during their mealtime, resulting in less water intake and less drooling.

Supports a healthy weight


Providing your dog with a raw diet allows them to maintain a healthy weight and shed off extra pounds if needed. While consuming whole foods, your dog will burn off excess calories by eating more slowly than processed kibble.

Why buy from Just Raw Pet Food?

  • All our meats are locally sourced in Canada that are human grade and from government inspected facilities.  100% hormone and antibiotic free.   

  • We are dedicated to provide a complete raw diet that is natural, species appropriate and contains high nutritional value.  Our “Just Raw” dinners are well balanced with approximately 75% of meats, 10% bones, 10% organs and 5% vegetables.

  • Our product is packaged in convenient 1 lb or 2 lbs containers.  It makes it easier to portion out each meal with no mess.  Simply keep it in the freezer and thaw in the refrigerator when ready to be used.  

  • Large selection of protein choices.  Your dogs will never get bored from eating Just Raw.

  • All our Just Raw treats are made with one simple ingredient; there are no added preservatives, additives or food colorings.    

  • We hand deliver to your door.

  • Customized meal plans are available upon request.