Raw Diet


To retain the freshness of Just Raw dinner, store pre-packaged diet in the freezer until it is ready to be used.
Plan to remove food 2 days ahead and place in the refrigerator to thaw.
Portion food appropriately for your dog and remove unconsumed food within 20 minutes.
Following feeding, wash your hands and the dog bowl with warm soapy water.

Determining how much food you should feed your dog isn’t always easy.  

Whether you’re bringing a puppy home for the first time, getting another dog or you’re noticing changes in your dog’s weight and health, these all call for a closer look at how much food you’re feeding your dog at mealtimes.

What Factors Impact How Much To Feed Your Dog? 

Activity Levels

Activity levels have a lot to do with determining how much food to feed your dog. A dog that’s more active and playful throughout the day will most likely require more calories and nutrition than one who’s older and laying around the house.


As your dog begins to grow, its nutrition requirements will change. Because of this, the portion and diet given will depend on their life stage and size. An energetic puppy will probably be eating more food than an older senior dog!


Maintaining your dog’s weight is an essential factor in ensuring they’re always living a healthy and balanced life. Because of this, it’s necessary to keep a close eye on making adjustments to their food as needed to reach their ideal body condition. We also recommended working with your veterinarian to help rule out any health concerns.

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Set mealtimes are always recommended as it keeps your dog - and you on a schedule. Keeping mealtimes consistent and the type of food and the portion you feed them are all essential factors to consider. Not only will this help your dog manage ideal body weight, but it will also help keep their digestive system healthy.  

For most dogs - feeding once in the morning and once in the evening is sufficient; however, always consult your veterinarian if you are unsure.

How Much Food Is Recommended?

It’s recommended to feed 2% to 2.5% of your dog’s adult body weight. For example, a 25 lbs dog x 0.02 = 0.5 lbs. Therefore, it’s recommended for this dog to eat 0.5 lbs or 8 oz a day.

Calculate Feed For Your DOG

Are you looking to get a more accurate estimate on how much to feed your dog? Use our raw diet feeding calculator below to find out how much you should feed your dog per day.