How much food should I feed my dog?

The general rule of thumb is to feed 2-3% of the adult body weight. Puppies should also be fed 2-3% of the ideal adult weight.

You can easily tell if your dog is eating enough by running your hands through their ribs. If you can feel the ribs but it is not visible, then your dog is at an optimal weight.

How to transition my dog from kibble to the “Just Raw” diet?  

Click here to see our feeding instructions.

Can I feed kibble and “Just Raw” together?

It is not recommended feeding both kibble and raw diet together as they each will digest at a different rate in the dog's stomach. It may causes stomach issues for your dogs.

My dog is drinking less water since switched to Just Raw, is this normal?

Yes. Raw diet contains a much high moisture content as opposed to kibble.  Since we do not add any fillers, grains, additives and preservatives to the products, your dog requires less water to digest; hence they will drink less water.

Should I leave Just Raw out of the fridge for an extended period of time?

No. Like all natural raw meat, leaving it at room temperature for an extended period of time can result in the meat going rancid. It is recommended to remove any uneaten portion within 20 minutes from feeding.

I am not sure why my dog vomited their food, what could be the problem?

Dogs might vomit if the food is too cold or they ate it too quickly.  We recommend to place your Just Raw diet in the refrigerator to completely thaw out before serving the meal to your dogs.

My dog is allergic to Chicken, is there any alternative options?

Absolutely. We carries six types of proteins to cover all life stages of dogs including for those that are allergic to specific protein.

Do I need to add any vegetables or supplements into the Just Raw diet?

The only supplements we recommend adding is the omega 3 fish oil. We have already included fruits and vegetables into our Just Raw diet to make it more convenient for the pet owners. Each prepackage containers is packed with all the essential nutrients for your dogs to thrive!

What is being done to prevent bacterial contamination?

    1. All our proteins are human grade and sourced from authorised CFIA and HACCP meat facilities in Ontario. Our dogs eat what we eat and sometimes they eat better than us.

    2. We only source the highest quality of proteins, which are prepared immediately to retain freshness.

    3. Preparation areas are washed down before and after meal preparation.

    4. Operators wash hands and wear gloves during Just Raw meal preparation.

    5. All Just Raw food is packaged cold and stored in the freezer immediately.