All our meats (with the exception of green beef tripe) are human grade sourced from federally and provincially inspected facilities. We use the whole poultry and whole cut of meats that will provide the optimal health for your dogs.

Once fully thawed in the refrigerator, our products will maintain their freshness for at least 3 days.

Yes, it’s completely normal that your dog will drink less water after the switch to raw.  A raw diet has a much higher moisture compared to processed kibbles. 

We normally recommend starting the transition with either the Chicken or Turkey dinner as these proteins are easier to digest for the dog.  You can introduce other proteins once your dog is fully transitioned.  


Yes, all our dehydrated treats are locally made in Toronto.

No.  All our dehydrated treats are made with one single ingredient and are dehydrated to perfection. 

Our Just Raw dehydrated treats are intended to be dry and crunchy.  


We always work with the pet owners to arrange a time of delivery so that products will not get spoiled especially in the summer months.  If you are not available on the day of your scheduled delivery, please email order@justrawpetfood.ca with your order number and our associates would be happy to assist you.

Our friendly driver will send you a notification through text message once your order is delivered to your front door or with the concierge if you are living at a condominium.