Feeding Raw

All our meats (with the exception of green beef tripe) are human grade sourced from provincially and/or federally inspected facilities.  

Our raw pet food does not contain any fillers, preservatives and additives.  We pride ourselves in using only high grade human consumption of wholesome ingredients meaning including whole animal and whole cut of meat for the grind.  Unlike many other raw pet food companies, we do not use any machine separated meat in any of our recipes which is also considered as human consumption.

Once it’s thawed in the fridge, it will normally retain its freshness for at least 3 days depending on the temperature in your fridge. 

For optimal nutrition, we recommend giving your pet a variety of 3-4 proteins regularly.  Offering a variety of proteins (both poultry and red meats) will improve consistency of bowel movement and reduce the risk of developing allergies and food fussiness.

We are aware that some dogs have a sensitivity towards chicken or are allergic to all poultry so that we designed our combo packs to suit their needs.  We have an array of combo packs that is catered to your dog’s specific diet.  For example: Our Farm combo contains turkey, duck, beef and pork which is ideal for dogs that have a sensitivity to chicken.  

Click here to see which combo packs are best suited for your dog.

We normally recommend starting the transition with either the Chicken or Turkey dinner as these proteins are easier to digest for the dog.  You can introduce other proteins once your dog is fully transitioned.  

Yes, it’s completely normal that your dog will drink less water after the switch to raw.  A raw diet has a much higher moisture compared to processed kibbles. 

Absolutely! To thaw food safely, we recommend the following steps.

  • 1. Thaw the meat in the fridge until it is soft enough to portion out.  
  • 2. Portion into daily serving.  
  • 3. Refreeze immediately.

Dehydrated Treats

Absolutely!  All our dehydrated treats are made in house from our Vaughan facility.  

No!  All our dehydrated treats are made with one single ingredient and we do not add any preservatives or additives to any of our treats and products. 

Yes!  Your puppy will definitely enjoy our dehydrated treats especially during puppy classes.  Most of our dehydrated treats can easily break into small pieces which makes training your puppy fun and enjoyable.

We recommend storing the treats in a cool dry place in your house and staying away from areas with high humidity.  You can also keep unopened bags in the freezer to extend the shelf life of these treats.

Raw Meaty Bones & Meal Toppers

Of course!  Although our raw meals are considered as a complete diet, we recommend adding some meal toppers or meaty bone to make it a fun meal for your dogs and cats.  Our salmon fillets and capelins are an excellent option to provide some omega 3 fatty acid to your pet’s diet.

We recommend giving recreational bone 2-3 times a week and meal replacement bones 4-5 times a week.  Just Raw raw meaty bones provide dental benefit (cleaner teeth and gums) and also mental and physical exercise as well.  

An exmaple of recreational bones include beef rib bone, beef neck bone, beef marrow bone

An example of meal replacement bones include chicken feet, duck feet, duck neck, whole quail.

Yes! You can re-freeze the meaty bone in our re-sealable bags if your dog and cat cannot consume the entire bone.

Local Pick up & Subscription Ordering

Of course!  Our retail store is located at 55 Winges Road, Unit 5, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L6B4.  Our store hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Absolutely!  At checkout, you can choose “Pick Up” as the delivery method and our team will notify you once your order is ready for pickup.  Generally orders can be picked up on the same day if placed in the morning and on the next day when the order is placed after store hours. 

Yes, we are here to help you order high quality raw pet food for your pet as seemlessly as possible!

  • Choose “Subscribe & Save” under purchase options on the desired products.
  • You can choose the frequency of renewal ie: Every week to every month.
  • Proceed to “Check Out” and enter your contact and payment information.
  • That’s it!  You will receive an email confirmation about your purchase.
  • Our system will automatically renew your order at the desired frequency and will schedule your next delivery to you.

You can cancel or amend your subscription order at any time with no extra charge.  Please email if you require assistance to change your subscription.

Of course! You will enjoy a 3% discount on your subscription on selected products.  This is a way for us to thank you for being a loyal customer.


We deliver throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Monday thru Saturday.  We also partner with a third party delivery service for any customers that reside outside the Greater Toronto Area and within the Western, Eastern Ontario and surrounding areas.  Our delivery range is generally West to London, East to Ottawa and North to Sudbury.  

Please see our delivery zone listing to see if we deliver to you. 

Free delivery for orders over $100 before HST within Just Raw Delivery Zone.  Otherwise, a $10 delivery fee will be added upon checkout.  Please choose “Standard Delivery - Just Raw Delivery Zone” under the delivery method.

A standard delivery fee of $15 will be added upon checkout for delivery within the Western & Eastern Delivery Zone.  Please choose “Western & Eastern Delivery” under the delivery method at checkout and proceed with contact and payment information.  Our team will contact you if an incorrect delivery method is chosen and will only ship out the order until the issue is rectified. 

Just Raw Delivery Zone:

AM delivery: Your order will arrive between 8am to 2pm on your scheduled delivery date.  

PM delivery: Your order will arrive between 2pm to 7pm on your scheduled delivery date.

Western & Eastern Delivery Zone:

You will receive an email notification on the day of your scheduled delivery and you are able to track the estimated time of arrival on the day of your delivery.

Of course! We will deliver your order with the concierge or at the food table if they are available.  If not, we will bring the order to your unit.  Please ensure to provide us with a buzzer code if there is no concierge service available at your building. 

If you are not available on the date of scheduled delivery, please email and we are happy to reschedule your delivery to our next available date.  If you will not be home during the time of our scheduled delivery, we strongly suggest leaving out a cooler or thermal bag so that our driver can store the food inside the cooler / thermal bag for you.  Unfortunately, we will not be responsible for the order that is delivered successfully .  

You will receive an email notification on the day of delivery that your delivery is on its way and when the order is delivered by your front door!  We will also give you a text message once the order is delivered as well.