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Bonevolent is an extremely convenient, high-value nutritional, concentrated bone broth in a shelf-stable powder form. It is fortified with additional collagen sourced from beef (for types 1&3)  and chicken collagen (type 2), as well as glucosamine.


  • Healthy digestive system (which is why Sunday Sundae is the perfect partner)

  • Proper development, maintenance, and healing of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Accelerated recovery after surgery or illness

  • Increased bone mass density

  • Alleviation of arthritic pain

  • Improved quality of restorative sleep

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Better lipid metabolism

  • Maintaining cardio vascular health

  • Contributes to a healthy, stable immune system

  • Maintenance of lean muscle and youthful mobility

  • Healing leaky gut

FEEDING GUIDELINES: When introducing any new item to your dogs diet do so gradually. 
  • Approximately 1 rounded tablespoon (tbsp) for a 50lbs dog. Adjust quantities as needed to suit your dog's size, weight, activity level, and state of health.



    Enriching Regular Meals - Did you know that before raw meaty bones is processed into animal feed, the ligaments and cartilage are removed to aid processing? It’s time to put it back! Add Bonevolent to your dog’s raw meal to replace the collagen that was removed during processing.

    “Soup to Recoup” - For recovery; a warm bowl of comfort! Dissolve Bonevolent into a measure of lukewarm water, and serve. This concentrated broth is a highly nutritious, easy-to-digest meal replacement.

    “Scoop to Reboot” - To reenergise; a sports drink for the superdog! For dogs engaged in intense physical activity, offer a dilute drink of Bonevolent dissolved in room-temperature water. Can be made in advance or on the spot.

    With Sunday Sundae - Combine Sunday Sundae with one 1 generous teaspoon (tsp) of Bonevolent to maximize the benefits of the Sunday Sundae Protocol for dogs that have sensitivities and guts issues.


    • To dissolve effectively put Bonevolent into liquid

    • Always use a dry spoon when scooping from the container



    Every dog could benefit from the addition of Bonevolent in their diet, but three groups of dogs have special needs that Bonevolent can help fulfil.

    Maternity Ward - Bonevolent brings benefits for all life stages including pregnancy and lactation. Continued addition of Bonevolent to your female’s diet helps bring her into prime condition and helps keep here there. There is an adage “you are what you eat”, just as important, you are what your mother ate. This is generational health. The mother-to-be shares her resources with her developing pups. The importance of diet cannot be understated. Diet has the ability to impact genetic expression. The developing pups rely on her to supply the building blocks for brain, endocrine, and nerve systems. Here you are in the whelping room, with a proud new mother, who has refreshed herself with a bowl of Soup to Recoup and is resting with her plump and content puppies tugging away at the milk bar. This is your dream litter. The future looks great. Let’s not forget the father. He also enjoyed Bonevolent as a part of his proper diet and it shows; he is the very picture of health and virility. He is all swagger, no stagger.

    For Puppies - For that great start to life, add Bonevolent to your puppy’s first mushy meal. As they grow, continue to add Bonevolent to their meal to ensure good bone density, ligament and cartilage integrity, lean muscle mass, and connective tissues. Nervous and digestive system will also benefit! Help your puppies meet their maximum potential and give a spark to their sparkle.

    Beloved Senior Dogs - Our senior dogs are very special to us. We want to have them around as long as possible; happy, healthy and active. There are dogs who are able to sail through life without problems, fortunate to have good genetics and the advantage of life-long access to nutrient-dense diet. Others became lucky when they found YOU to take care of them. Having missed out, now they are now making up for lost time. They can be their best with your help.

    Nightcaps - for all ages, healing and restoration occurs during deep sleep. This is the perfect opportunity to provide your dog with a nightcap of Bonevolent. This is a small serving that is given as a liquid broth (like Soup to Recoup) or mixed dry into any RAW leftovers you want to serve your dog before bed. It is during deep rest that the blood supply delivers oxygen to the muscle and joints, maximising recovery and restoration. This is whether you have an issue or not, you can preserve the state you are in thus preventing issues or getting the greatest impact for repair. A nightcap. Good night, great morning!


      Grass-fed/Non-GMO bovine bone broth, chicken collagen, hydrolysed bovine collagen, glucosamine sulphate

      SIZE: 16 oz

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