Just Bird (24 lbs)

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  • Chicken - 6 x 1 lb
  • Duck - 6 x 1 lb
  • Turkey - 6 x 1 lb
  • Turducken - 6 x 1 lb

Ratio: 75% Meat /10% Bone /10% Organ /5% Fruit & Vegetables

 Product details:

  • A medley of poultry proteins all in one box!
  • A valued pack that is convenient and affordable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sam Valenzano
Amazing Products and Service

This has been a very positive dietary change for my pets.
Kevin and his team are extremly helpful and a great source of information.

Linda Filippelli
Just Bird

Can’t say enough about the quality and service
Fro just raw .
We made the switch over 2 years ago..
Our crew have done exceptionally well.
Love that there teeth are not decaying and the raw is so much better for them.
Facility is immaculate and delivery is outstanding.
Our youngest cavalier went through a stage she would no longer eat chicken.
Just bird works best for our crew .

Bryan Tenenhouse
Love Just Bird

It has taken some time and trial and error to figure out which of the great options to choose from. But my 125 pound Leon burger seems to process the Just bird better than any other selection. And he eats it happily and licks his lips when he’s done.

Simona Ifill
Amazing- the pup replies

Just Raw makes feeding my growing pup so easy! I do wish I could select the type of bird that’s in the bird pack as he has his favourites. Thank you Just Raw, you’ve taken the stress away. I know he’s getting all the good stuff to help him grow!

Catherine Christensen
My dog has changed his eating habits

I have been feeding my dog raw, on and off, for a very long time and, although my Regan has always liked it, it never seemed to satisfy him. He also had an aversion to eating out of a dog bowl ever since he got scared, after flipping his bowl when he was a puppy. I would feed him on a plate.
The first thing I noticed about Just Raw Bird, was the difference in the texture from the other brand I had used. It looked soft and less compressed - easier to manage for an older dog with some dental issues. I decided to bring out the old bowl and see what he would do - and he went right to it and ate it immediately. I don't know if it is the difference in consistency or smell or what it was, but there was no hesitation or whining to have it out of the bowl and put on the familiar plate. This may sound silly, but for a seven year old dog, stuck in his ways, this is a huge achievement ! He loves this food and it seems to keep him happy between meals - no whining for his vegetable treats !
I am very pleased and happy I have found this for him. Thank-you, for a happy dog.