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May 27, 2021

Everything to Know About Green Beef Tripe for Dogs

Everything to Know About Green Beef Tripe for Dogs

Our goal is to make raw feeding as easy and accessible as possible for pet owners at Just Raw Pet Food. That’s why we offer a number of protein options so that every pet can find one they like. When browsing, you may have noticed we offer Green Beef Tripe. Many people have never heard of it before, so here are some interesting things you should know about it before you start feeding your pup!

What is Tripe?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, what exactly is tripe? Green tripe is the untreated contents of a grazing animal’s stomach or intestines. At Just Raw, we use beef tripe, but green tripe can also come from sheep or deer. Tripe is perfectly safe for dogs to eat and was a part of their ancestral diets. Dogs were hunters before domestication and often consumed their prey’s stomach and entrails. Green tripe is one of the most common sources of essential vitamins and nutrients for carnivores.

Prepare your Nose

Consider this your warning- green tripe smells! As you can imagine, the untreated, raw intestine of an animal has quite a strong scent. The pungent smell will hit you the moment you open the container, so be prepared. We recommend only using a small amount as a topping and cleaning it up immediately after your dog is done eating. This will help reduce the stench. Your dog will love the smell, though!

It’s Packed with Nutrients

Green beef tripe is packed with nutrients that will help boost your pet’s health. It’s high in protein and amino acids that will help build muscle and repair tissue. Tripe is also loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics that will improve your dog’s gut flora and improve their digestive system. Even adding a little bit of green tripe to your dog’s raw meals will help!

Not Suitable for All Ages

Tripe is a great addition to a dog’s diet, but it’s not suitable for all dogs. It’s not recommended for dogs under six months, as it can be too strong for their young stomachs. It’s generally fine to introduce tripe to dogs six months and older, though. You can always check with your vet beforehand. Introduce it slowly in small quantities to help your dog adjust.

Want to see the benefits of feeding your dog green beef tripe? Order it today! It’s the perfect topping for any raw meal and will boost your dog’s overall health. Contact us if you have any questions.