Green Beef tripe

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Known as the dog superfood, green beef tripe is loaded with digestive enzymes, probiotics and vitamins. This improves your dog’s gut flora which boosts their immunity. 

Feed it as a supplementary topper to any meal, and your dogs will love you for it.

Recommended for dogs ages six months and older.

Please Note: This product has a very strong scent.


About Fresh Green Tripe for Dogs

Green tripe is so valuable to your dog’s diet that it can be fed to them daily. Alternatively, if your pet is extra particular about the food you give them, try adding it as a topper or as a supplement to your dog’s diet when they’re sick. It’s no surprise that green beef tripe is growing in popularity as a natural health food for dogs.

What is Tripe?

Tripe is the untreated contents of a ruminant’s (grass-eating animals) stomach or intestines. Here at Just Raw, we use beef tripe. Whether you consider tripe meat or organ, tripe dog food is exceptionally nutritious. When used in dog food, the type of tripe used comes from the 4th stomach of the cow, where enzymes and bacteria are released to help break down plant materials and other food that is hard to digest.

What is Green Tripe?

Surprise! Green tripe is not actually green unless it has absorbed some colouring from plants. It is called that because it has not been bleached or treated and is essentially untouched, aside from a quick rinse. Our green tripe for dogs is exceptionally nutritious. Learn more about Green Beef Tripe for Dogs here.

Why is Fresh Green Tripe Good for Dogs?

Because green tripe is unprocessed, unbleached and untreated like tripe for humans is, raw tripe dog food is an outstanding source of nutrition for your pet. Raw green tripe is full of beneficial live and active enzymes and bacteria, helping with digestion. Green tripe contains lactobacillus acidophilus, something even humans take in the form of probiotics to help with digestion and absorb nutrients. This “good bacteria” helps prevent harmful bacteria like salmonella, listeria and e-coli from overpopulating your dog’s gut and making them sick.

Green beef tripe for dogs also contains the cow’s live digestive enzymes, which help digest food. Your dog will benefit from both digestive enzymes and often some pre-digested green matter, delivering a powerful 1-2 nutritional punch. Because this nutritional powerhouse can be too much for young dogs, we don’t recommend feeding it to pups younger than six months old.

Another benefit of feeding fresh green beef tripe to your dogs is its texture. Green tripe’s texture is chewy, and it helps improve your dog’s dental health by stimulating your pet’s gums and scraping away plaque.

What About the Smell?

As a dog owner, you’ve come to realize that some of the most foul-smelling things are incredibly appealing to dogs. Fresh green tripe does have a strong, pungent smell, but your dog will find it irresistible. This also serves to stimulate appetite in pets that are sick or old.

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Nataliya Gasenko

I mind it with his regular row meet and my dog loves it

Terri Morley

Green Beef tripe

Elena Cealaia

Green Beef tripe

Fussy dog

My dog is a very picky eater and would often not eat or leave food behind. When I started adding a spoonful of tripe to his meals he ate everything up right away!

Would be better already in the food

I know how healthy it is for dogs to eat tripe but the smell is difficult when i first started with raw food the company i chose had added the proper portions to the food it would be especially nice if your company did that as well thank you