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April 23, 2020

5 Advantages of a Raw Dog Food Diet

5 Advantages of a Raw Dog Food Diet

For many dog owners, our four-legged friends are more than just pets- they’re family. It’s only natural that we want the best for them! While most pet owners opt for traditional kibble, these days many people are realizing that processed dog food is actually not that great. So what exactly are the benefits of a raw diet for dogs?

Healthier Coat and Skin

Just as with humans, what dogs eat impacts their fur and skin. The natural oils found in protein will give your pet a soft and silky coat. This will not only make their fur shinier, but it will also lead to less shedding. Many processed foods also contain ingredients, preservatives, and additives that cause skin allergies.

Less Stool

Bowel movements are a healthy part of life, but did you know that too much stool or loose stool is actually a sign of something wrong with your pup? A raw diet like Just Raw Pet Food meals doesn’t use any fillers, grains, or preservatives in their products. That means dogs will absorb all of the nutrients, which results in smaller and firmer stool.

Better Digestive System

If you wouldn’t eat it why are you feeding it to your dog? At Just Raw, we use only human-grade quality proteins. This means that your dog will be exposed to a large selection of good bacteria. Good bacteria will diversify your dog’s immune system and result in a healthier digestive system overall.

Reduced Water Intake and Drooling

A common complaint people have about their dogs is the amount of drool they produce. Raw dog food naturally contains more water, which dogs absorb when digesting it. This results in them needing to drink less water and producing less drool.

Fitter Overall

We are what we eat, and that’s true with dogs as well. Just as with humans, eating lots of processed food takes a toll on our bodies. Eating whole foods takes longer to digest and uses more energy compared to processed foods. This means your dog will burn more calories on a raw dog food diet, resulting in a leaner and fitter dog.

There are tons of amazing advantages of a raw dog food diet for your dog. Dogs are naturally designed to eat this type of diet and survived doing so for centuries before processed dog food was created. Contact us to order Just Raw Dog Food and try it for your dog today!