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June 18, 2020

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Human-Grade Raw Food

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Human-Grade Raw Food

We all know that eating fresh food is important for our overall health. That same logic applies to our four-legged friends as well! While human diets have been consistently improving over time, what we feed our dogs has only gotten more processed. Traditional kibble is not very rich in nutrients and is full of additives that aren’t great for our dog’s digestive systems.

At Just Raw Pet Food, we believe that pets deserve better. That’s why we only use locally sourced, human-grade food in our meals, with no additives or preservatives.

The benefits of feeding your pet fresh raw food are compelling. Keeping reading to learn some of the great advantages of feeding your dog raw human-grade food!

Improved Transparency

At Just Raw, we are committed to being as transparent as possible. That is why we buy locally so that we know exactly where the protein in our raw meals came from. With fresh raw meals, you’ll not only know where they came from, but you’ll also know exactly what’s in it! At Just Raw, we break down all of our meals so that you know exactly how much protein, bone, organs, and produce your dog is ingesting. You can feed your pup without having to worry about any hidden additives or preservatives.

Increased Lifespan

We only get to have our pets apart of our life for a short window. If you had the opportunity to increase their lifespan, would you? A raw diet will help your dog maintain healthier body weight, get access to better nutrients, and have a healthier digestive system. Commercial dog foods are full of preservatives and low-quality fillers have an impact on their overall health. Humans that have a diet of processed foods typically have more health issues and a lower lifespan and the same is true for dogs! By feeding your pup fresh human-quality food you’ll improve their overall health and increase their chances of living longer.

Better Digestion

Did you know that most kibble is full of low-quality fillers that not only provide little nutritional value but also can have a negative impact on your dog’s digestive system? They often include grain, animal by-products, additives, and preservatives. Dogs are naturally built to digest raw food and eating processed food can be hard on their digestive tracts. Feeding them human-grade raw meals will make for better digestion, which means fewer and small stools, and a happier dog!

Ready to see the benefits of feeding your dog human-grade raw meals? Order today and see all the change for yourself!