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June 5, 2020

How to Transition Your Dog to a Raw Diet

How to Transition Your Dog to a Raw Diet

Transitioning your dog from traditional kibble to a completely raw diet is easier than you think! Kibble has only been around for around 70 years. Prior to that dogs lived successfully on what is known as a “prey diet” for thousands of years.

A prey diet is essentially a biologically appropriate raw diet. It contains around 75% meat, 10% bone, 10% organs, and 5% vegetables. At Just Raw Pet Food, we base our raw meals off of a prey diet to suit a dog’s natural dietary needs.

Transitioning to a Raw Diet

A dog’s digestive system is naturally built for a raw diet, so you shouldn’t worry about cutting out kibble. The best way to make the switch is to immediately stop feeding kibble and adopting a completely raw diet. It is not recommended to feed a combination of kibble and raw food. Dogs digest these at different rates, which can cause stomach issues.

Step 1: Fast your dog for 12-24 hours prior to switching to raw food

Step 2: Make sure the raw meal is completely thawed. Your dog may vomit or have trouble digesting if the food is too cold

Step 3: Begin feeding a completely raw diet. Do not mix kibble and raw food.

Side Effects of Switching

A lot of owners are concerned that switching over to a new diet can cause issues with their dog’s digestive system. A raw diet is compatible with a dog’s natural dietary needs, but you may notice some minor side effects of switching. Some dogs experience digestive upset when first introduced to raw food, which can result in loose stool, gas, and vomiting. This is very common and should improve within a few days. You can try adding raw pumpkin to your dog’s diet to help firm up stool.

Make the switch from kibble to raw food today and see your dog thrive! A dog’s system isn’t meant to digest common ingredients in kibbles such as corn, grains, and additives. A balanced raw diet, which our Just Raw Meals provide, will improve your pet’s quality of life! Make the switch today and see for yourself.