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July 15, 2020

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs are curious animals by nature, and as a dog owner, you’ll no doubt observe some truly odd behavior by your dog throughout the years. One perplexing behavior many pet owners witness is their pup chowing down on grass when outdoors.

The good news is that eating grass is perfectly natural, and even wild dogs have been known to do it. It can sometimes lead to vomiting, but in many instances, it doesn’t. But why exactly do dogs do it?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Experts have been questioning why dogs enjoy grass for a long time, and there doesn’t appear to be one solid answer. Some believe that dogs will eat grass when they’re not feeling well to force themselves to vomit. This may be true, but fewer than 10% of dog owners note their dog feeling unwell before eating grass, and less than 25% of dogs that eat it vomit regularly afterward.

The more likely reason why dogs may eat grass is to improve digestion or meet an unfulfilled nutritional need. Grass contains fiber, so if your dog isn’t getting enough in their regular meals they could turn to other sources. If you’re worried about your dog eating grass, consider switching their diet to a raw one, which will provide them with more fiber and a more balanced meal overall. Raw diets also improve digestion, which could reduce your dog's need to eat grass.

Grass eating isn’t always a sign of something wrong though. A lot of times it could be from boredom or curiosity, especially in puppies or younger dogs. They’re experiencing the world for the first time, so it’s not unusual for them to nibble on fresh grass. Some dogs could also just enjoy the taste of it!

How to Stop Dogs From Eating Grass?

The two most likely reasons your dog is eating grass is boredom and nutritional needs. By switching to a raw diet, you will increase your dog’s fiber intact, provide a more balanced and nutritional meal, and improve their digestion. This should reduce their desire to much down on the green stuff.

If you believe boredom is the primary cause of your dog’s appetite for grass, try increasing their exercise and time outdoors. This should tire them out and keep them distracted, giving them less reason to stray and look for entertainment elsewhere. For puppies, more time outdoors and around grass will decrease their curiosity about it as well.

Should I Worry About My Dog Eating Grass?

If your dog isn’t getting sick after eating grass this behavior shouldn’t alarm you too much. You should keep an eye on it though and try to address what may be causing it. Switch up their diet if you believe unmet nutritional needs could be the cause or increase their exercise if you think it’s boredom. Some dogs may just enjoy the taste though, so as long as their getting a balanced meal and aren’t getting sick from it you shouldn’t worry too much.

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