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October 14, 2020

5 Tips for Safely Feeding Your Pet a Raw Diet

5 Tips for Safely Feeding Your Pet a Raw Diet

Feeding your pet a raw diet has tons of benefits, from a healthier digestive system to a shinier coat. As with any diet, you as a pet owner need to do a few things to keep them safe. From storage to portions, here are a few simple tips to making feeding raw a breeze.

Watch Their Weight

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “how much should my dog be eating?”. It’s a good question, and generally, you should feed a dog 2-3% of their adult weight. We even have a handy raw feeding calculator to help you out if mental math isn’t your thing. However, every dog is different. An active dog may need more, while a lazy dog could need less. You don’t want to over or under feed your pet, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your pet’s weight, especially in the early stages of feeding raw.

Clean After Every Meal

Anyone that cooks knows the importance of cleaning up properly, especially after handling raw meat. The same is true when feeding raw. At Just Raw, we use only the best ingredients, but even those will spoil if left out. That’s why you should use a bowl that is easy to clean, like a stainless steel one, and be sure to wash it with warm water and soap after every meal. That will prevent any harmful bacteria from breeding, which could make your pet sick.

Store Meals Properly

Storage is especially important when feeding raw. Raw meals should be kept frozen until needed. Move them to the fridge to thaw roughly two days prior to use. Meals should be completely thawed before you feed your pet, as frozen raw food may be hard for them to digest. Once you’re used to raw feeding, it should become easier to remember when to thaw meals.

Remove Uneaten Food

Unlike dry kibble, raw food shouldn’t be left out for your pet to pick at throughout the day. Feed your dog the appropriate portion but remove any uneaten food within 20 minutes. You can always store it in the fridge until their next meal. Leaving out uneaten food for too long can cause it to go bad and make your pet sick. Don’t forget to wash the bowl after the meal!

Keep an Eye on Their Bathroom Habits

This one might not be a fun tip, but it’s important to keep a close eye on your pet’s bathroom habits, especially if they’re new to a raw diet. Your dog’s bowel habits will let you know how they’re adjusting to the food. It’s not uncommon for pets to have loose stool for a day or two as they adjust to a new diet. If your pet is vomited or has diarrhea regularly, you should consult your vet and find a diet that works for them.

Ready to start seeing all the benefits of raw feeding in your pet? Order some of our tasty Just Raw Meals today!