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April 29, 2021

Canada’s Most Popular Dog Breed by Province

Canada’s Most Popular Dog Breed by Province

It’s no secret that Canadian’s love their dogs. A new study by Kabo found some interesting trends among Canadian dog owners when it came to their favorite breeds. While all dogs are special, it turns out that each province has its own standout breeds.

The study surveyed Canadian dog owners, taking a poll on which breeds were most popular by location. Only purebred dog data was collected, meaning mutts or designer breeds such as doodles were left out.

It’s no surprise that Labrador Retrievers were the most popular breed overall. This has been the top breed in Canada for years. The survey found that 12% of all Canadian dog owners have a Lab. Labs have been the most popular breed in Canada for over 20 years, which isn’t too surprising considering the breed is actually Canadian!

Here is what the most popular breed for each province was:



British Columbia

Golden Retrievers came out on top in British Columbia, with 11% of respondents having a dog of this breed. Goldens are actually the third most popular breed overall in the country and are one of the most common breeds in all of North America.


Albert followed the overall trend of Canada, with Labs being the most popular breed in this province. 10% of respondents in Alberta said they owned a Lab.


Labrador Retrievers are also popular in Saskatchewan! 15% of residents here survey said they have a Lab.


Manitoba also loves its Labs, with 14% of respondents stating they have one. Not surprising, considering how loveable Labs are!


Labradors are also loved in Ontario, with 14% of those surveyed having one. Whether they live in the city, suburbs, or rural Ontario, Labs are well suited, which is why they’re so popular.


Quebec also loves its big dogs, but this province favored German Shepherds. 14% of respondents in Quebec have this breed.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Although Canada’s most popular breed is named for this region, Labrador Retrievers aren’t actually the most popular dog breed in this province. German Shepherds were surveyed to be the most popular, with 10% reporting they have one.

Prince Edward Island

P.E.I actually had a tie when it came to the most popular breed and is the only province to include a smaller breed! 22% of pet owners surveyed in Prince Edward Island have a Shih Tzu and/or a Labrador Retriever.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick followed the trend of the rest of Canada, with Labrador Retrievers being the number one breed. 14% of respondents have one.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is also a fan of Labrador Retrievers, with 17% of those surveyed reporting they have one.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it appears Canadian’s favor large dog breeds, with 42% of dog owners having a larger breed. Canadians seem to find them more versatile, and most of the most popular large breeds make for great family dogs.

Although large breeds dominated in terms of popularity by province, some small breeds also reigned supreme. Surprisingly, chihuahua’s won over the hearts of Canadian’s that preferred small breeds, with 16% of those surveyed having one as a companion.

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