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May 6, 2021

4 Helpful Tips for Raw Dog Food Beginners

4 Helpful Tips for Raw Dog Food Beginners

Are you interested in starting your dog on a raw diet? Raw diets have tons of health benefits, from a shinier coat to improved digestion. The idea of switching to raw feeding is daunting to many pet owners, though. At Just Raw Pet Food, it’s our goal to make raw feeding as easy and accessible as possible for dog owners. Here are a few simple tips to help raw dog food beginners!

Research & Pick the Right Raw Food

Before you jump into raw feeding, make sure you do some research to ensure you’re selecting the best raw food for your dog. It’s important to find a raw food that has a nutritional mix and uses high-quality ingredients, like Just Raw Pet Food! At Just Raw, our raw meals are made using a mix of protein, bones, organs, and fruits and vegetables, mimicking the natural diet dogs were designed to live on. All of our protein is human-grade, hormone-free, and locally sourced here in Canada!

Get Portions Right

Portion size is important when feeding, especially raw. When feeding raw, a general rule of thumb is to feed your dog 2-3% of their adult body weight. For puppies, this means feeding them 2-3% of what their ideal and expected adult weight is. Start with this, and then adjust based on your pup’s weight. Consult your vet on what your dog’s ideal weight should be, but generally, you should be able to feel but not see their ribs.

Cut Kibble Completely 

A common mistake pet owners make when switching their dogs to a raw diet is to mix kibble and raw food. This isn’t recommended as dogs digest traditional kibble and raw food at different rates, which could cause digestive issues for your dog.

Pay Attention to Health & Hygiene

When feeding raw dog food, it’s incredibly important that you pay attention to cleaning. Raw meals should always be stored frozen and thawed in the refrigerator. Feed your dog the appropriate portion, and be sure to remove any unconsumed food within 20 minutes. Food left out can breed bacteria and cause your dog to get sick. Also, be sure to wash your dog’s bowl with warm soapy water after each feeding. This should keep this safe and healthy!

Ready to start feeding your dog raw food? Order Just Raw today, Toronto’s best raw dog food! If you have any more questions about our products or raw feeding, feel free to contact us.